Our Values:

  • Integrity/character: do the right thing, even when no one is watching
  • Respect: play fair, treat others well
  • Teamwork: help each other, cooperate, be loyal to the group
  • Positivity: good attitude, rebound from challenges, believe that you can
  • Community: giving back, being a good role model, inspiring others
  • Discipline: work hard, even when you don’t feel like it
  • Self improvement: keep learning, growing, getting better at something everyday
  • Gratitude: being able to say one thing we are grateful for each day


Wendy Thomas Wolock


Geoffrey Blake

Co-founder, Executive Director.

Crossfit certified: Level 1, Strongman, Kettlebell. The Brand X method certified, Ido Portal method trainee.


William Lomax Coach  NCSF certified person trainer

William Lomax


NCSF certified person trainer

David Stewart


NFPT Certified Master Trainer

Board of Directors

Cough, cough, please excuse the dust around here! Our board are very beautiful, handsome, and distinguished, and we can't wait to get their pics and bios up in the very near future. 

  1. Bryan Perry 
  2. Wendy Wolock 
  3. Marisol Johnson
  4. Rebecca Sinclair
  5. Conor Creaney
  6. Jed Schaefer
  7. Diana Synofsky
  8. Zephan Moses Blaxberg