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Hello Spooky Friends! 

At MissionFit we are in the non-profit business of reaching out to our Baltimore fitness community and giving as much as we can. We want you to have a reason to come to our page, where you know a visit is going to bring you value, encouragement, and action items to being a stronger and healthier You!

Our own Coach GB posted this on his own blog, but it's worth sharing here too :)



*In this case it was easier to share the link than copy paste the whole post with pics and videos, but keep checking out our page for new content!

The one person necessary for MissionFit's grassroots success is...


When you’re excited about the work we do, Strengthening Baltimore’s Youth at MissionFit, you’re bound to ask what you can do to help. We simply ask you to tell one person who will also be excited about what we do. At a minimum you will contribute to our word of mouth grassroots marketing, and if you tell the right person maybe they will positively influence some youth to walk through our doors with the intentions of self improvement. Either way it’s a win!

The genius of this technique is that people very rarely tell one person, they tell bunches of people! It works because they will have a very low commitment level to buy in, I mean, everyone can tell just one person. If I asked you to scream it off the mountaintops to everyone you know, that sounds more daunting, and a little bit like work. Telling one person is as easy as can be!

Action items

  • Tell one person about MissionFit if you think it’s valuable.
  • *If you are a professional or Non-profit organization and you’re doing great work, try using this strategy for yourself. I think you’ll be pleased. 


Year 1 updates

Dear Friends,


To learn about our first year, read below

If you are only interested in donating to our sustainable FUTURE, click here

To See our year 1 timeline, click here


It was 1 year ago that Wendy took the leap of a lifetime and shared her vision for MissionFit. With your support and encouragement, her dream became a reality and here we are with programs, students, and lives that are making a difference in Baltimore and beyond. Below we will recap our accomplishments and give you a glimpse into where we plan to focus our greatest attention.


The Margaret Brent Students came barreling through our doors, all 27 on the first day.  We all warmed up as a team, and then split into groups, moving between stations of strength, mobility, coordination, all while emphasizing the importance of teamwork. For those not on social media channels, lets paint a picture:  groups of young athletes, working toward the longest standing jump for bragging rights, while teammates cheer overwhelmingly, or the last 2 students who show their mental toughness by hanging from the bar for a record setting 62 seconds. We could continue to share stories of feats and failures, but truly the magic is in the moment. The most rewarding part of the day with these young athletes was our sharing time followed by a silent minute at the end of each training day.


We brought in The Community School students, and young men from The Living Classrooms Foundation, Fresh Start Program. We have partnered with additional programs: SquashWise, Itineris, and Changing Turn, and every athlete who comes into the gym has progressed in all aspects of fitness, learned about healthy eating and experienced our inclusive community with positive adults.


For every dollar that was generously donated to our programming, we want you to know we purchased healthy snacks-DAILY. We purchased age and ability appropriate equipment that continues to challenge the students. We had heat during the winter months and air conditioning (mostly) over the summer. And each of you made it happen.


Over the next few months we will embark on a fundraising campaign to finance our next project in the gym.  Geoff Blake has put together a Professional Development program to benefit Disenfranchised Baltimore Youth ages 18-24. Our goal is to serve between 2 and 7 individuals who have the passion to turn their lives around. We will give them the opportunity to become self- sufficient in the fitness training industry bymentoring them and getting them certified with an industry recognized organization.


From all the trainers, volunteers, advisors, supporters, and even our landlord: The Baltimore Body Shop, THANK YOU. We are elated about the future and our impact on Baltimore’s Youth. We invite you all to stop by, witness the magic, join in for classes, both community and youth.  We promise you will be wowed!



Everyone can thrive from Strength Training!

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. - Proverb from a very frustrated horse owner.

I'm not suggesting that you are a horse, but.....

I'm not suggesting that you are a horse, but.....

I'd like to lead you to water, in other words: explain the importance of strength training with a coach, and I'd like you to drink, in other words: join a class or tell someone about MissionFit, when you get to that water. 

The work we do at MissionFit, strength/conditioning/mobility is a key piece in everyone's ability to thrive. It just plays a different role depending on where you are in your life. Examples are...

  • Strength training increasing bone density to combat osteoporosis and frail bones in your golden years.
  • Mobility and postural strength in your late twenties and early thirties that will extend your hard earned athleticism from your youth. 
  • The neural adaptions to youth who participate in gymnastics are unrivaled when it comes to developing full body awareness, coordination, and strength. 
  • The confidence built by doing more difficult progressions in an exercise or progressively heavier weights is beyond value to your self esteem and confidence in your abilities no matter what age or goal. 

Now this is where a qualified coach comes in. You can certainly do physical training by yourself, but I've not seen many scenarios where a good coach couldn't help you get to your goals faster, and with less roadblocks. 

In order to take proper action I'm going to break you into 2 categories. 

  • 14 years old to 100 years old: come to our community classes to get training that is 100% scalable/individualized to where you're at. The Strength Clubs are donation based so there can't be any objection about cost ;)
  • 14 years old to 24 years old: we have classes just for you! You are the primary reason we are open!

So, show up! Or email me geofffit@gmail.com for more details.